The entangled relationships between the characters add tension to the drama that could have become predictable.

There’s a mysterious murder inside a law school where there’s a group of students studying law in the drama law school that I’m interested days.
The story begins when the culprit in the case is identified as a law school professor.
Yang Jong-hoon, played by Kim Myung-min, is a former prosecutor who was full of faith and quit the prosecutor’s office and became a professor due to the Seo Byung-joo incident.
Yang Jong-hoon, who became a suspect because he was in a hostile relationship with each other and was in an enclosed space, begins to unravel each and every evidence of the crime.
The hidden secrets revealed in it and the entangled relationships between the lying characters instill tension in the drama that could have become obvious.

The story itself is not new, but rather a single plot style that focuses mainly on the main character.
The structure of expanding the story by weaving the history of each character in the story of the basic murder case and then returning to the basic story made the work dense and rich.
The presence of the actors is as stable as the role is in balance.
Especially, the director seems to be good at cutting the ending and directing the music.
Makes you have no choice but to watch the next episode.
In this work, Kim Myung-min reminds me of Kang Mae of the former Beethoven virus, which is showing actor Kim Myung-min’s best performance.
Yang Jong-hoon, who has a bit of an exaggeration compared to other characters in the play, was able to pull off the dramatic tension well while doing so.
Kim Bum as Han Joon-hee and Ryu Hye-young as Kang Sol-A and Lee Soo-kyung as Kang Sol-B have good acting, and the combination of familiar or unfamiliar young actors is fresh and good.

Watching the power abuse and hypocrisy of those in power in dating, corruption, and corruption, which are common in the news, we can see from the perspective of students studying law.
It is interesting that I come to rethink the fundamental problem and the fundamental role of the law.
I’m looking forward to what resonant ending it will have as the background of the murder is revealed.
There is a side to it that is too much, but the desired purpose has been achieved.
It is based on a model taxi webtoon that recently ended, and it is a drama about characters with their own stories gathering in rainbow fortunes to take over the private revenge of the unjust.
The level of events appearing in the drama is high, and the way the 웹하드 사이트 main character Kim Do-gi punishes the wicked can be divided according to the viewer’s perspective.
The story is based on the case commissioned by the victims in an episode format, so it’s not that much of a burden to see one case solved in four episodes.

The director wants to know that.Wow a curious story Maybe because you’re from Y, the events in the play are somewhat familiar.
Cho Doo-soon case, Yoo Young-chul case, Kim Myung-chul missing case, Yang Jin-ho case, N room case, etc.
There are heinous events in the play that ordinary people are bound to be outraged by, if not the victim’s party.
If someone could return these wicked men with as much pain as they did on behalf of the law, would they carry out revenge?
It is a difficult question to answer readily.

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