I’ve got a request to install the skyning.

a company specializing in skyning interior design
It’s a cooling system!

When you can’t sleep, they tell you to count sheep, right?
But why should we count sheep?
The reason is that the pronunciation of Sleep and Sheep is…
It’s because it’s similar.
In other words, in non-English speaking countries,
It doesn’t work.

This time, at Jecheon Agricultural Center.
I’ve got a request to install the skyning.

There are pros and cons and characteristics of interior design in each field.
If there is fashion in human clothes, the interior of the building is designed.
Not only in each field but also in each company’s design will be slightly different.
Let’s look at the images together.

Those steel frames that support the skyning are the former.
It’s made of strong aluminum.
Compared to its good durability, its mass is very light.
That’s why a lot of customers and businesses are doing this.
They think it’s suitable for the 파고라 skyning interior, so they’re looking for it.
In addition, skyning has its own opening and closing capabilities.
You can always use it regardless of the weather.

Can you see me hanging up the ceiling?
Plus, if you want, the inside of the skyning,
LED lights, day and night.
The time zone can also be overcome and used.
Isn’t this not a choice but a must?

The opening and closing of the skyning, LED lights, etc.
They’re all powered by electricity.
We’re even connecting you to a wire close by.
Are you impressed by the kind service of the cool system?

So this time, at the Jecheon Agricultural Center,
You took a look at the skylining installation site together.

In our Siwon system, based on know-how accumulated from years of experience,
With the best technology, we put the satisfaction of our customers.

If you have any questions, don’t feel pressured.
If you can contact me at any time, I’d like a friendly, meticulous consultation.
I promise to solve your problems.

Thank you!

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