To be honest with you, I don’t know what’s going on.

I don’t know what this is all about by what it’s all about.
It’s just that the viewers don’t know the law.


Honestly, I don’t think this is right. It’s clear that he’s a close neighbor, and he’s a close neighbor, and he’s dead, and he’s gonna give it to his brother. The intention to enter was not to go in and do something bad, but to enter as an acquaintance, not a police officer. If you’re asking for this crime, you’ll hear a strange noise in your neighborhood, and you’ll ask the person who went to help you for trespass.

Deletion of cctv video evidence teacher

I happened to find on the Internet that evidence of one’s criminal case is, in principle, impunity is not punishable by asking for help from others for their own benefit? But when it comes to abuse of defense, they say it’s punishable.

In Dong-sik’s case, he didn’t kill the CCTV by committing a crime, but did he delete it out of fear that he would be more likely to be the number one suspect, which would hinder him from catching the real culprit?

Dong-sik had a hunch that Min-jung was already the culprit at the time of her finger discovery, but the timeline showed that Min-jung had left her finger at home, and that she had broken into the house without permission 20 years ago.

Isn’t this about defending yourself?
However, I think it can be a problem that deleted data is state-owned.

No report after finding the scene of the incident
What the hell is this crime? Will I get punished if I don’t report it? I don’t know.

But there’s only one issue here.
When Dongsik found Minjeong’s finger, did Minjeong live when he called 112?

We understand that Min-jung was alive when Dong-sik entered the house with the key, as it was directed that Min-jung was breathing, and that Min-jung was buried alive because the reason for his death was cardiopulmonary arrest due to multiple organ failure.

If I think about the timeline,
When Jinmook met Jihoon at 8:33 at the supermarket, he thought Minjeong would have been in the ground around 8:20. Dongsik came to the supermarket when Jinmook and Jihoon left the supermarket. He must have entered Minjeong’s house between 8:40 and 9, found a finger, found Minjeong, and returned to his finger. If you think about it, Minjeong has been buried in plastic for more than 40 minutes, and even if he called 112, it would take 10 to 20 more minutes if the police were allowed to search the house in earnest and the equipment and manpower to search. This is also an additional measure that could be very strongly placed on the assumption that the civil government is still in the house. I’d do this if I was convinced that the person living in this house had to search the house precisely, saying, “My fingers were cut off, my fingers were displayed, and the rest of my body was missing.” The next day, the National Forensic Service came and checked Minjeong’s house, but don’t forget that they couldn’t find Minjeong. It is impossible to think of a common-sense timeline.
Let’s not assume that Minjeong would have lived if Dongsik reported it right away…
You have to hope for too much luck to know that you’re barely going to live.

Minjung’s finger cell phone/Geumhwa’s cell phone is destroyed?
Sometimes, I saw reviews saying that Minjeong abandoned her finger, and since when did you see her cut finger as a dead body? If it were a dead body, we should have investigated Yoo Yeon-yi’s case, not as a kidnapping wound, but as a murder.Me~

There is destruction/hidden/fake tampering in the crime of destruction of evidence, but destruction/hidden does not fit the definition. The biggest reason Dong-sik brought the evidence was to prevent crime from being buried and to be found by displaying it where it could actually be exposed to investigating detectives. Then, it seems that there is a possibility of forgery, but it is not that forgery is making new evidence, but that it is possible.
In order for the destruction of evidence to be established, they say, “You must destroy evidence knowing that you are being punished more than a fine.” In case of other people’s silence, the evidence of behavior from fear of a case not being established. Kang Jin-mook said he was the culprit, adding evidence 토렌트왈 that he didn’t have and putting it where it seemed to be, not even targeted.
I don’t know what’s going on in this case, to be honest.

And there is one thing that should not be forgotten in all of this.

Dong-sik did not stand there as a detective, but as a bereaved family of the victim.
Why don’t you save Min-jung who might be alive? There is a problem that Dong-sik has already experienced.

The moment I saw 10 fingers, I thought of the incident 20 years ago, and the law declared the incident to be a kidnapping injury, but Yoo Yeon-yi’s family Dong-sik, who had not found Yoo Yeon-yi, who had no fingers for 20 years, was taking it as a murder.

The families of victims of the same incident cannot be assumed to be alive at all.

In the last scene of the first episode, Han Ju-won noticed that he was the gold coin he sent because of the ring, but there was a scene where Han Ju-won asked Dong-sik how he knew that he was a woman.

Maybe Dongsik thought of Yoo Yeon-yi right after seeing a finger-cut dead body.

Joo Won’s question is a different clip, but this one shows Dongsik’s PTSD more clearly, so put this one in.

I mean, you want to have a little bit of a reprimand or something.
Isn’t it violence to ask the bereaved families of the victims for their sins?

Dongsik doesn’t need punishment. He needs treatment.

Over-indulgence viewers who are looking for such things hope Dong-sik will take part in the summit.

I can understand that Dong-sik can’t do it anymore, but I can’t understand that he can’t do it again because he’s kicked out.

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