It was such a satisfying moment that I wondered what I had been doing.

It’s snowing today as well. I forgot my age when it snowed and was excited like a child, but I can’t do that anymore. Because I fell on the icy road not too long ago. I wasn’t seriously injured, so I was going to work with a pain relief patch, but it lasted longer than I thought. I thought it would be good to get a Uijeongbu massage once, but I went to get a Uijeongbu Emotional Massage because I found a site that my friend recommended me. It was a really good memory, so I’d like to share it with you.

As you can see, there are so many companies in Uijeongbu alone. There’s dozens and hundreds, and the first thing I’m going to pick here was distance. So I chose the place closest to my company. My house is also near here, so I wanted to be able to come and go anytime. Maybe because the building is a new building, but the facilities are also good, so to begin with, I made a good choice.

When you go inside, you’ll see this neat and tidy interior, and the most surprising thing was that the size of the store was really big. I was surprised that Uijeongbu Emotional Massage Shop can be this big. Hand washing with a temperature check before it goes, is also essential to create these large stores to 건마 be managed without a grain of dust that it’s impressive.

I went to pick a menu after being guided by a bright teacher. There are many kinds. There were a lot of menus such as aroma, Swedish, Thai, and sports. To be honest, I had no idea what was going on as a beginner of massage. The teacher who noticed this carefully continued the consultation. To make it simple, I decided to do Uijeongbu Swedish Massage because I heard wet massage is good for beginners like me.

And I was guided to the changing room. You can change your clothes, but it was a bit uncomfortable because the market is so popular, but the clothes used once went through the laundry. And in fact, I was relieved that the scent was coming out of my clothes.

The first order that follows is foot bath. They prepare warm water in advance. As I was dipping my feet, I felt like all the stress I had in the world was going away. It was such a satisfying moment that I didn’t come to get the Uijeongbu Emotional Massage and wondered what I’ve been doing.

This is the car that my teacher gave me during foot care. If you raise the temperature of your feet, your body temperature will increase, and at the same time, it will be effective if you warm up your body speed together. Warm tea with foot baths, it was perfect enough to wonder if there was a paradise on earth. Then I went into my room and got a full-fledged Uijeongbu Emotional Massage. You said you had a unique background of working in Seoul, and it was different no matter what. As soon as I came out, I felt like I was born again. Do you now know why I’m recommending it to you? You guys should try it.

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